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Between happiness and individuality, there exists a solid relationship. Although most people have a misconception about what happy is, being part of a group, or acceptance for just blending in. When we think about being accepted, most people feel the need of acceptance. It starts at home, being accepted by parents, than at school by teacher, or work with bosses, finally the acceptance of friends. We see it in society every day, a person who needs acceptance will usually change who they are to fit in. Instead of being who they are, they see someone who seems to be someone they would like to hang with and change to be like them. People need to realize that it is more important to be happy with who they are and what they possess than to want to change for someone else. It is something rare but it does exist, there are actually people who are proud of whom they are and want to be accepted for just that. It happens, people who trade their individuality for what they believe to be happiness. People sometimes try to present themselves as someone they are not; they act and dress how others tell them they should. They rather hang in groups that accept them only if they act like someone they are not and lose their individuality, making other people happy. I think it makes it easier for people to be around people who are just like them because it limits the room of competing and arguing with each other. It can make a person seem happy to change for someone else, but that happiness does not last forever, it is temporary and it takes away from your individuality.
It will not take long before you begin to realize that the person you have become and the way you act is not necessarily who you imagined you would become. The only time one should change is if in yourself you feel like there is something in yourself you need to change. No two people are the same, we are all different in some way and it is what makes us all unique. We should be happy being who we are.
Happiness is what we perceive it to be in our own mental state, a state of being that is characterized by positive feeling within ourselves. We have our emotions that go from satisfaction to extreme happiness. Happiness has more meaning than most people are willing to acknowledge like religious beliefs, psychological and philosophical followings that identify who we are and define our happiness. Religious people, instead of defining happiness as an emotion, tend to believe that being happy means they are living a good life. ???Happiness in this older sense was used to translate the Greek Eudaimonia, and is still used in virtue ethics.???
In reading ???Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley, the ideas of consumption and utopia are constantly associated and related to define whether to be considered compatible. Although it may seem that the people in this world of the ???Brave New World??? can be considered to be happy, I think it would be due to the ignorance and loss of sight to what is really the feeling of contentment. Because of the constant intake in this book about one??™s identity; religion, nature, self, it would have to be eliminated to rely on a power and dependence on the state. A n interesting and very important quote from ???Brave New World??? is, ???everybody belongs to everyone else???, therefore; all of the basics of being an individual and knowing who you are have been exchanged by the thought of the common good and the ideas of love, friendship, and even family have been completely reduced. This book gives us the idea about life that society should be sacred and individual. Thanks to the help of technology, identity and everything that it is have been brought together and wrecked simultaneously. The concept of one??™s self will continue to be limited to its own state and capacity of simple occupying space on earth. This being said, an individual no longer thinks for himself but rely on the state and allows for the state to control them in every part including the one understands about the world we live in. Society and their feeling to belong anywhere have been governed by the state. Even the perception of God and how to believe in him have been left for the state to control. The main idea in ???Brave New World??? is that not only has Brave New World changed how an individual understands what is going on in the world; it has completely destroyed what an individual should value about himself. It may want to look like it is only taken into consideration that this is driven by science and technology, however; it is deeper than that, it goes against the love of nature. Throughout this book, we are aware that nature and intake are basically at odds. The citizens are concerned with self-gratification and how they can contribute to making the economy better. ???Universal happiness keeps the wheels steadily turning; truth and beauty can??™t???, an important quote from Brave New World that suggest that people only tend to care about feeling instant gratification which comes from things such as sports or play and that things like appreciating life requires more thought, something that the state does not allow people to learn starting from the moment they are born.
A new God is created and in the world of Brave New World, it is all about nature and beauty. They are part of the Reservation, a comedic and absurd concept brought in by the religion. Religion and the concept that there is something more supreme, like a creator of the universe is ridiculous in this world created by Huxley. I mean, if everyone is more interested in instant satisfaction, than why anyone would feel the need to have beliefs toward whether there is a god or whether religion has benefits. The state has taken that away from the world and has presented themselves as the provider of anything that is needed in this world therefore they act as God. All they have to do is continue to do everything possible to keep their citizens unassuming and well taken care of with all the pleasure they desire, making the pattern of consumption go on and thus making the economy succeed. Religion is no longer needed, anyone can be anything they want and have whatever their hearts desire, their souls are filled with a constant dose of fulfillment that allows them to believe that anyone of them can be righteous. They are falsely advised about religion and have no understanding of mortality. These citizens of this world can be compared to incapable young children, who cannot live without their gods and instant pleasure that comes from self-gratification.
An example of this would be Linda who was totally useless because after she was left with the Indians, she found herself in a situation where she had no idea what to do for herself. She could not begin to imagine how she was going to take action. She was left in blank, just like a newborn baby. This is sad for society, people should not live this way, and can the state really be this powerful Taking this power over the people not only makes them lose sight of who they are but it also makes them slave to the state because without identity, the need to instant happiness will always be a factor for the people. This being said, society falling into the dangers of not having its own identity, John voice is heard as the voice of the modern reader. He does not care about all of the happiness offered to him in the world, because he thinks it is empty and fake.

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