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Bui Lan Phuong

As a child, every little thing can make me happy. I defined my happiness simply as doing well at school and receiving compliments from my teachers and my parents. At that time, happiness would also purely be licking an ice-cream with my friends. When I grow up and study away from home, having to deal with too many difficulties in life, I realize that it is not easy to finding a feeling of children??™s happiness. The daily stress of studying at university, the anxiety about meeting personal monthly expenditure and specially the worry about getting a job after graduation in the economic downturn even prevents me from getting sleep. I become hopeless and sometimes I feel doubtful about the thing called ???happiness???. However, I understand that every one have to deal with all the troubles ourselves before we become who we are. When and if we are able to overcome all the obstacles, then we emerge far stronger and much more sure of ourselves. We realize our inner strength and we understand our self-worth; thus we find happiness.
My journey is still a voyage and I have no control of my destination. Nevertheless, I believe happiness has always been there. The true happiness, which can be felt, is there around me, I only have to remove my lenses of practicality and see it. Like Mark Twain has said Happiness is a Swedish sunset — it is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it.