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First Coaching Session ??“ Reflection

When I reviewed the coaching circle I was aware I didn??™t know this coachee before. Because of this I felt it was important that I prepared myself well for the coaching role. I think mostly to give me confidence by creating a credibility cloak that would help separate us personally and professionally.

As a starting point I chose to use the The Coach??™s Coach ??“ Personal development for personal developers as a supporting framework.

Coaching ??“ Chosen or Prescribed
The coaching was prescribed because both of us are in the same coaching class. as we are from t, both were motivated by our companies to take this certified course which requires returned to our companies and ourselves.

I sent her a meeting invitation by email to check on her schedule and her availabilities.
We were both busy, actually I was busy with and the coachee was busy with her family and work. Therefore, I ???requested permission??? by emailing the coachee to check her schedule. The coachee??™s preference was to meet in my office and we agreed on the location.

On the day of the coaching I checked with the coachee if the arrangements were still convenient. We are both working professionals and I wanted to make sure that they had not encountered an unexpected work issue. Before the meeting, I asked the coachee the accessibilities of pen/papers during the meeting and she agreed to make it available and no need for me to bring it with me.

On arrival, the coachee welcomed me from the front door and when we reach the coachee office she asked me for what drink I would like to have before our meeting. The cochee was so nice and comfortable which made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Although I asked the coachee to prepare the meeting room and get pen and paper and she knew well what is the purpose of them but I didn??™t remind her during the meeting that I am going to take notes.

I thought that I will take my time to explain the concept of coaching and why we are here. To break the ice, I asked if I can invite her for drink, while we were walking to the coffee shop we spent the first ten minutes catching up. Then suddenly the coachee announced that??™s it now lets start. I had completed preparation including: Introduction, What is coaching, What is mentoring Confidentiality and Trust

As I began the introduction the coachee just smiled to was clear to me that she is positive and welling to continue.
At the middle of our chatting I remembered to tell her why am taking notes therefore, I asked for permission to take notes as I wanted to focus completely on the coachee and she didn??™t refuse and I did not distract her while am writing.

I invited the coachee to mind map the word ???perfect???. The coachee responded well and smiled when they realized that that I had the paper and material with me.
From this point I noted that the body language changed initially the coachee had sat straight and upright but they were relaxed and thoroughly immersed in the task at hand defining the word ???perfect???. Almost oblivious to the fact that I was there.
I believe the mind map held meaning to the coachee as they asked if they could keep it.
The coachee gave feedback that the session had been very helpful.

On reflection I could have conclude better, end of the session I did not ask the coachee, if they would like to meet again but I called next day if she wanted to meet again.

At the end of the session, I felt that the coachee had a long breath that she talked a lot and I listen a lot with hmmm sound and she was relaxed and happy. While I was concentrating and focusing about each word she is saying “good listener” and pay attention to the physical body and try my best not to disturb her or to be disturbed by surrounding place.