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Code Talker Review

Good books need to have a strong, well-developed plot, a good theme, and dialogue to keep the reader interested. Code Talker by Joseph Bruchac is a perfect example. It has plenty of dialogue, a good plot, and a good theme, which makes Code Talker a great candidate to win the RC award.

I think that the theme of Code Talker is that no matter what race you are, you are important and deserve respect. For example, in the story Ned Begay the main character said??? We must see all other people as human beings worthy of respect???. this quote by Ned really shows the meaning of the whole story. It was mainly about a Navajo Indian helping out and making a difference in the war as a marine, even though he was a Navajo, which people thought were worthless and wouldn??™t accomplish anything. But as the story went on Ned??™s importance and respect went up when he was in the war and had done a great job for his country and he made a difference and proved that he wasn??™t worthless and that he and his people deserved equality. For example, in the story when Ned and the other Navajo marines were accepted and made into Navajo marines they made an unbreakable code with their ancient language which the Japanese couldn??™t figure out they listened to them telling all the other marines what had happened. This tells you that Ned and his other Navajos helped win WW2. Though the message of all people are important and deserve respect is common it usually doesn??™t show the theme of the book like those people in war and violence. What usually happens is they fight for the peoples rights for respect but not the other way around. Code Talker is a unique book themed with a common theme but has a odd way too show it. It is like no other book and is a reason why it should win the RC award. The plot of Code Talker is filled with a awesome theme but it is also very suspenseful and shows emotion.
The author in this story highly expresses the suspenseful part of Code Talker. Since Code Talker is a book based on the war , you never really know what??™s going to happen or whose going to die in the story because they can die or get attacked at any second. The end of every paragraph you feel frightened about what is going to happen next . For example, in the story when Ned says the Japanese are all around us we??™re surrounded. This happened at the end of a paragraph and left the reader suspenseful and worrying about what was going to happen next. This shows that the book had good details and strong support because this book made you feel strongly about the characters and what happens in the story, its twists and turns build up suspense. For example, when Ned said, ??? Having a lot of friends in war like I did grandchildren is not a good thing because when you see them one day they might never return???. This example in Code Talker is a strong example of all the emotions that the readers feels for the characters. This book is built up so well it leaves the reader wanting more and makes the reader not wanting the characters to die or get injured. The suspense and emotion in Code Talker is another reason that Code Talker should win the award. The emotion in the story really ties into the plot structure of it too.
Code Talker ties in a lot of readers because of its plot which is why it should win the RC award. It connects with war and history lovers. I think it is a more popular with boys than girls. The reason that I think this is true is because of the fact that all the main characters are boys and because of how the story is made to satisfy a boys needs. A lot of things keep the readers attention in Code Talker. For example, in the story when Ned had been shot in the side by a Japanese sniper hit . The reader didn??™t lose attention at this part of the book because of how exciting this moment was. What kept me and some of the other readers of this book interested is because I wanted too see if Ned was going to accomplish his goal of being equal and if he was going too make it out of the army alive. What also kept the reader interested was how the main character Ned was introduced so well. For example, when Ned got stabbed in the back with a bayonet by a fellow marine because he didn??™t recognize him made the reader hae sympathy for Ned. Is a good example of excitement. I also was kept interested in this story because of the fact that it is fiction but it is also based on a true story. The fact that this book showed a lot of facts about WW2 was cool. This is a reason why Code Talker was good for middle school students studying history.
This is why I think that Code Talkers is a perfect book to win the RC award. Code Talkers is a very unique book as it ties together history, action, and peoples interests into one strong book. My opinion is that Code Talker should win the award because of these standards and because of the emotion and detail that each sentence displays.